March 08, 2021

Without much publicity, Apple has quietly introduced a new tool that will revolutionise how easy it will be to make the shift between Apple and Android or Google run devices. As photos often take up a large proportion of the files stored on our device, we place high priority on ensuring they are stored safely. 


Because of this, transferring phones, let alone from an iPhone to an Android phone, can be a huge hassle. Up until now, there has been no straight forward, simple tool, to transfer and ensure all of your photos and videos make it to your new phone.

 However, Apple have just released a tool to make this move simple, reliable and hassle free. Before we get into the practical steps of how it all works, there are a few key things to remember when using this transfer tool:

  • The transfer can take between three and seven days to complete. This is due to Apple's security procedures involved in this tool which requires verification in order to protect your files. 
  • Some files (Smart Albums, Live Photos and some RAW files) may not be accessible on your new device so these may not be included in the transfer. 
  • Transferring your photos and videos will not delete or alter your stored files on iCloud. It is simply a copy that is sent through to Google Photos. 
  • Google photos limits albums to 20,000 photos. If you transfer an album with greater than 20,000 photos, they will still make their way onto Google Photos, but will not all be in one album. 


How to transfer your photos and videos:

Ensure you have the following:

  • Your photos stored on your own iCloud Account
  • Your Apple ID is set up with two-factor authentication 
  • You have a Google account set up with Google photos
  • Your Google account has enough storage to receive the full transfer


Request a transfer:

  • Go too Apple's privacy page
  • Sign into this using your Apple ID
  • Select 'Transfer a copy of your data'
  • Follow the prompts on your screen to complete the process


Track your transfer:

Following the request of the transfer, you will be required to sign into your Google account straight away. From here, you should receive an email confirming your transfer request, followed by an email confirming the completion of the transfer a few days later. You will be able to track the progress of your transfer on the same privacy page on the Apple website if you log in to your Apple ID.


Done! It is as simple as that. Just a few simple prompts and you can make a seamless transfer to Google Photos. 



Here at DeXTech, we are here to help you with your technology requirements. We stock a wide range of Apple products, from the iPhone 4s all the way through to the iPhone XS, plus the iPad range. Along with this, we carry a huge range of Android smartphones and tablets, including Samsung, Pixel and LG. With these devices on hand we are able to offer technical support every step of the way from assisting to get your device setup to dealing with issues such as network issues or software troubleshooting. We have a helpful team who can lend a hand via our tech support email address: Do not hesitate to reach out!

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