November 13, 2020

Heading into summer, the days are getting warmer and this means that our phones are more prone to overheating, causing damage internally. Excessive heat can cause battery issues, screen failure and even your phone to completely stop working. 

Unfortunately, damage through heat is often something that is difficult to fix without significant cost or loss of data. However, fortunately there are some handy tips on how to preserve your phone's life during the warmer months.


1. Keep your phone out of direct heat

It sounds like common sense, but really, we can all be bad at leaving our phone in direct sunlight. Leaving your phone in direct sunlight can harm any LCD and battery within a short space of time, especially if you are using it simultaneously. 

Similarly, try to avoid leaving your phone in spaces that warm up quickly such as your car, a conservatory or other small enclosed spaces. This will rapidly warm up your phone and could potentially lead to significant consequences. 

So, if you're at home, it pays to leave your phone in a place that does not receive sunlight, unlike a windowsill. And if you're out and about at the park, slot your phone under a blanket or towel to keep it in the shade. Just like we tend to enjoy being in the shade on a hot day, so do our phones. 


2. Remove your phone from its case

Again, this sounds like common sense, but in fact, how often do you take your phone out of its case? For the majority of us, this will be a scarce action to take as we all enjoy the security a case provides. However, during the warm summer months, a case actually works as an insulator. Although this insulator is perfect in the winter months to keep the battery warm, it can have the opposite effect in the summer months. 

This does not mean that you have to have the case removed from your phone all of the time, but if you're sitting around at home, or are out at the beach during a warm day, simply taking your case off can go a long way in preserving your phone's battery. It will allow heat to dissipate more rapidly, protecting your phone from excessive heat build ups. 


3. Adjust you phone's settings

With the simple adjustments of some of your phone's settings you can easily reduce its need to process and work hard while combatting increased temperature during the summer months. 

Firstly, turn your screen brightness down. On a sunny day, this can cause difficulty in reading the screen, but it will reduce battery usage and thus keep the phone from heating up as much. With automatic brightness becoming a popular feature on phones, you may want to think about turning this off so that every time you turn on your phone it does not go to full brightness in the summer sun. This will help you not to become frustrated with having to turn the brightness down every few seconds.

Secondly, turn off your mobile data if you are not using it. Similarly to screen brightness, this will reduce battery usage which is closely linked to your phone's temperature. 


We all know that losing your phone to heat related causes in the middle of your summer holiday is not an ideal scenario, so take the precautions to limit the chances of this happening! By following this simple easy steps, you can reduce the impact that the intense summer heat will have on your phone and help to prolong its battery life and much more. 


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