September 23, 2020

iOS 14 has just been released and is now available to all compatible iPhones across the globe. With the compatibility list not changing from iOS 13, the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE (1st Gen.) are the oldest models able to download the new operating system. Simply, if your phone is running iOS 13, you will be able to download iOS 14. 

With the beta version of this new update being released earlier in June, we have had some ideas of what it will be like. But until now, we have not been able to have access to the final version and see all of the new features that come with iOS 14. We are going to take a look at some of the major features and changes.


iOS 14 Home Screen Widgets: 

Many people have been wondering when this feature would become available on iOS devices, and now it is finally here. While some users may not choose to use this new feature on iOS 14, it does offer a new home screen look and the chance to access more data and information from apps without having to even tap into them. 

With widgets already being featured on the Apple Watch, it appears Apple have already learnt a thing or two about how they work and mentioned that they wanted to bring this functionality into the iPhone. With small, medium and large sized widgets available to add to your home screen and Today View on your iPhone, you can personally customise the amount of information you want to see.

To view the Widget Gallery to see what apps offer a widget option, simply hold down on any empty space on your home screen until your apps start wiggling and a '+' appears in the top left hand corner.  Tap the '+' button and select what widgets you want to appear on your home screen. 

Widgets offer a fresh new look on your iPhone, something we haven't seen from Apple in many years!


iOS 14 App Library: 

App Library is another new feature introduced in iOS 14 which you can find at the end of your home screen. This is an automatically organised page that puts like apps and suggested apps together in groups, filing them in an order that is accessible for you to use and access what you need quickly. For example, all of you social media apps would be grouped together, without you having to do this manually. 

Another smart feature that comes with the App Library on iOS 14 is the ability to hide specific apps that you don't want to appear on your home screen. These will still appear in you App Library to access when you need them. 

This feature, overall, is perfect for those who have large quantities of apps and want to access like apps without having to search through multiple home screen pages. 


iOS 14 Interface: 

Apple have made a few changes to the interface of iPhones with iOS 14, making some simple adjustments that have long been called for by users. Up until iOS 14, when receiving a call it takes up the entire screen meaning you have to either pause what you are doing and wait for the call to finish or manually hang up if you do not want to take the call. 

However, with the new update, call notifications will now appear at the top of your screen, allowing you to continue on with what you are doing on your phone without being disturbed. This feature will be welcomed warmly by many users.

Default apps for email and browser options can now also be changed. This has not been possible up until the iOS 14 update, but now you can choose to use apps such as Gmail or Chrome as your default options. 

There is also one new feature that does not involve the screen at all, but rather the back of the phone. 'Back tap' allows users to customise shortcuts to be set up and controlled by tapping the rear casing of the phone. Shortcuts include functions such as screenshots and adjusting the volume. 


iOS 14 Picture-In-Picture:

With iOS 14 on your iPhone, Apple have now introduced a feature that has been available on iPad OS since 2015. The picture-in-picture feature allows you to keep watching a video, even if you switch apps. 

It's as simple as swiping up to exit out to home, or pressing you home button on non-face ID models. Once you have swiped out, the video should appear as a floating window that you can navigate around your screen to wherever suits you best. 


iOS 14 Messages:

There are some exciting new features that Apple have included in the new iOS 14 update for messages. One of the major new features is that there is now the ability to tag people in group messages. This feature has been around in other messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, but it is now available on your iPhone messages. It follows the same format as other messaging apps, with a time '@' followed by the person's name tagging them in the message. This is the perfect way to get the attention of someone in larger group chats! 

In-line replies are also now a new feature in iOS 14. Simply long-press on any message then tap 'Reply' and you will directly be able to reply to a specific message. The recipient will be able to see exactly what message you are referring to, even if it was from hours or days before! 

You can also pin conversations to the top of your Messages app to avoid it getting lost in long lists of contacts and group chats. Whether you have a favourite group chat, or just someone you always want to be able to contact quickly, you can no pin it to the top of the list and not have to worry about searching for them again. 


iOS 14 Translate App:

Apple now has its very own translator app. With many people having to use the Google Translate app or other third party apps up until now on their iOS devices, Apple has now come to the party and released their own app. With the ability to either type in words and phrases, or simple press a microphone button to record someone speaking, the app is functional and easy to use for anyone. There are only a limited amount of languages available currently, but this number is set to grow over time. 


iOS 14 Overall:

With many new, and arguably needed, features added, iOS 14 has so far proven to be an update worth making. Some will say the major noticeable change is the home screen widgets and layout, but we are yet to see whether the response is going to be positive or negative as Apple moves away from its simple layout that many are accustomed to. 

If you are wondering whether it is the right thing to update your phone, take a read here at the importance of keeping your phone up to date. 


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