April 06, 2021

Three and a half years after its release date, we take a look at the pros and cons of the iPhone 8 and how they weigh up against the latest models and specs. Ultimately, the iPhone 8 is an extremely solid device that is still performing well a few years on from its release. However, in comparison to the latest iPhone 12 models, there are some significant features that are missing. So, it depends if you are looking for a low price solid phone, or go all out and spend thousands on the latest specs and features. Lets take a look at the key features of the iPhone 8:


The Display 

The iPhone 8 display almost mirrors that of its predecessor, the iPhone 7. It boasts a Retina HD IPS LCD with 750×1334 resolutions and 326 pixels per inch of screen. The size of the screen is the same as the iPhone 7 as well, measuring 4.7 inches. 

The main upgrade the the iPhone 8 has from the iPhone 7 is the introduction of the True Tone display feature which means that the phone is capable of automatically adjusting display settings based on the ambient lighting to provide an optimal viewing experience.

In comparison to the latest iPhone 12 display, there have been significant updates over the past 3 years. Most notably, the latest models have full screen OLED displays with no bezels, making the displays clearer and larger. 


The Body

The iPhone 8 has an extremely similar body to the iPhone 7, however it does have noticeable upgrades such as the rear glass that covers the back of the phone, allowing the significant advantage of wireless charging. This is the first iPhone model to have wireless charging capabilities. 

The iPhone 8 comes with a IP67 water resistance rating, translating into it being able to be submerged in water at a depth of 1 metre for up to 30 minutes. The same dimensions remain from the iPhone 7, however the iPhone 8 weighs slightly more due to the glass back. 

In comparison, the iPhone 12 is just 0.28 inches larger than the iPhone 8, but does boast a 6.1 inch screen versus the 4.7 inch screen on the iPhone 8. The iPhone 12 has the same rear glass look, but the body shape has reverted into the old iPhone 5/5S style of having square edges, rather than the rounded edges that the iPhone 8 has. 


The Hardware

The iPhone 8 boasts a powerful A11 Bionic chip which is also seen in the iPhone X. This chip is significantly better than that seen in the iPhone 7 as it has 6 cores in the CPU versus the previous 4 that is seen in the A10 chip. 

The A11 chip not only allows greater speed when multitasking and gaming, but it is also significantly more efficient and power-saving. Even with the battery being slightly smaller than the iPhone 7, the iPhone 8 has a much greater battery usage time. 

In comparison, the iPhone 12 has the latest A14 bionic chip giving it increased speed and processing power. The battery life is significantly longer, but that is simply due to the larger battery inside and more efficient processor.



The iPhone 8 is undoubtedly still an excellent device at a fraction of the price of the latest iPhone models. Although there are some downsides, such as a much less powerful camera and smaller display, the low price outweighs these. If you are looking for a powerful and reliable phone, the iPhone 8 is definitely an excellent option in 2021. If you don't like the Face-ID feature on the latest iPhones, the iPhone 8 is definitely the model for you as it still has the home button feature. 

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