July 23, 2021

Since the first iPad was released in 2010, their design and usability has gone from strength to strength. Along with this, the advancements of app design and popularity has grown exponentially, with now over 2 million apps available on the App Store. 

With these developments, the ability to interchange a laptop or desktop with an iPad is becoming easier and easier. Because of this, there is a huge opportunity to increase productivity and streamline your workplace through integrating these powerful devices into everyday activities. 

Whether you are part of a construction company, small start-up business or large corporate company, there is a place for iPads in your workplace. In this article we take a look at some of the benefits of introducing them and increasing productivity instantly! 


So, what are the benefits of iPads in the workplace? 


One of the most common talked about benefits of using an iPad in a workplace is the ability to carry it with you and use it with ease anywhere you go. In today’s hectic and fast-paced global work environment, having that extra mobility goes a long way in increasing productivity. Mobility ensures that work doesn’t have to stop while moving between offices, worksites or customers. 

The ability to carry all the information you need, collect all the information you need and share all the information you have from one easy to use device is a huge advantage to boost productivity. 

Along with this, iPads weigh a huge amount less than your average computer, further enhancing their portability and making it easier for you to carry around with your work. 


Go Paperless:

Going paperless is an amazing way to not only help the environment but also cut costs and enhance overall efficiency. With apps such as Notability or Evernote, you can save and access documents quicker than you would with pen and paper.

With the added accessory of an Apple Pen, you can still have the same benefits of being able to write, sketch and edit documents as you would on a piece of paper. Along with this, you don't have to worry about taking multiple pieces of paper with you as you visit clients or visit worksites. Instead, you can just access all you need on your iPad in one space increasing productivity and efficiency. This is a huge benefit for any industry! 


Excellent Battery Life:

No need to lug around 3 metre long cords! The battery life on iPads is a massive advantage that does not come with many laptops. The average battery life of an iPad Pro is over 10 hours which is huge when it comes to integrating them into your workplace. The ability to take them anywhere, whether that is around the office or across town to visit customers without having to worry running out of battery saves a huge amount of stress and time! 


Access to Apps:

With over 2 million apps available on the App Store, there is huge potential to increase productivity, collaboration and creativity within your workplace. Below are some of the best apps to use an integrate into your business through an iPad: 

  • Microsoft Office Mobile Apps: Thanks to Microsoft's line of mobile Office apps, you can outfit your iPad with your favorite work tools, like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Being able to showcase presentations directly from your iPad without lugging your laptop around is a win. You can also download Microsoft Outlook and OneNote on your iPad for cohesive integration across different platforms and devices.
  • OneDrive: OneDrive is a mobile-friendly cloud storage system that has easy integration with Windows. The world is moving toward cloud storage in general, but if you're planning on doing real work on your iPad, it's especially vital, since a few robust spreadsheets and videos can eat up your storage capacity pretty quickly.
  • Slack: Slack is a great tool for keeping your team connected. There is an iOS app for Slack, but it can also be run on desktops and across all different operating systems. With Slack, you can chat with your team, create different channels, DM people and host video and voice conference calls.
  • Trello: If you want to stay on task on your iPad, Trello is a solid choice. Trello has an easy-to-use project management and workflow management dashboard that makes remote collaboration simple.
  • CamCard: iPads are super convenient for expos and tradeshows when you don't want to lug your laptop around. The CamCard iOS app is great for keeping track of contacts and organizing customer data.
  • POS systems:iPads can be the central hub for POS systems for small business. They offer simple and portable way to make sales. This added usability is ideal for mobile and agile small businesses. There are a huge range of POS systems available for iPads for you to choose from!


Overall, iPads are extremely valuable tools for all businesses as a way to increase productivity and allow for growth in the ability to share and receive information with other colleagues and customers. They are extremely accessible and easy to use devices making them simple to integrate into your workplace at any time. 

If you are wanting to purchase iPads for your workplace please get in touch with our DeXTech support team and they will help you get the best deal for the device that suits you right! 

Keep an eye out for our next article exploring the uses of iPads specifically in the construction industry! 


Here at DeXTech, we are here to help you with your technology requirements. We stock a wide range of Apple products, from the iPhone 4s all the way through to the iPhone XS, plus the iPad range. Along with this, we carry a huge range of Android smartphones and tablets, including Samsung, Pixel and LG. With these devices on hand we are able to offer technical support every step of the way from assisting to get your device setup to dealing with issues such as network issues or software troubleshooting. We have a helpful team who can lend a hand via our tech support email address: support@dextech.co.nz. Do not hesitate to reach out! 


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