September 17, 2021

If you have ever had trouble charging your phone, you will know that it can be a challenge to figure out what exactly the issue is. There are many reasons as to why your phone may not be charging, but thankfully there are plenty of different ways that you can get it back up and running again. 

In this blog we will take a look at some of the common reasons why your phone may not be charging and how to fix them! 


Common Reasons Why Your Phone Won't Charge


Faulty Charger: 

This is probably the most common issue that people face when it comes to charging their phone. If your phone is not charging, there is a high chance that your charging cable to wall adapter is broken or faulty. 

To determine whether this is the issue, check your cable and adapter for any physical damage. Sometimes your cable can get bent and the wires break or the adapter may overheat and stop working if it is faulty. If the cable and adapter both look in good physical condition, try to plug your phone into a different charging set up. This should also include a different power source in order to eliminate the slight possibility that there may be an issue with the powerpoint itself. 

If your phone begins charging with a different set up then you have found your problem and it is likely time to purchase a new charging cable or adapter which can be found here.


Debris Within Charge Port: 

Another of the most common causes of charging problems is the charging port becoming clogged with dirt, dust, or debris. Dirt and lint can build up within the charging port and prevent the charging cable from engaging properly with the charging contacts inside the port resulting in your phone not charging. 

To clean your charge port, power off your phone completely. Gently blow into your charging port to try and dislodge and remove debris. If you cannot remove all of the debris you can take a small pin-like object and very gently and carefully clean inside the port, ensuring not to press the pin into the internal components of the phone. It is vitally important that you do not use any moisture to aid the cleaning of your charge port as this will likely cause damage. 


Battery Software Bug:

Sometime your battery software can get infected with a bug or get stuck in a loop cycle meaning it just needs a simple reset to kickstart it back into action. 

To do this, simply unplug your phone from any charging device you are trying to connect too. Power off you phone and wait around 10 seconds before connecting the charger again. Power on your phone again and check to see if you phone is charging again! 

You could also opt to do a soft reset of your phone which helps to clear all of your phone from any interfering files or applications that are causing issues within your phone's operating system. This does not clear any data from your phone so you will not lose any information. 

To perform a soft reset, follow the instructions within your user guider for your specific phone model. Depending on your device, this method will vary slightly, but it commonly involves pressing and holding the power and volume buttons simultaneously. 


Software Updates:

It is important to keep on top of software updates on your phone as these can solve a myriad of issues, including your phone not charging. Software bugs cause your phone to not function as it should and this is one reason why you may be having trouble charging your phone. 

To solve this issue, simply check to see if you have any pending updates within your general settings. Download and install them if you do to fix any bugs that may be affecting your phone's performance! 


Physical Damage:

Another reason for your phone not to be charging is physical damage. If you phone has been dropped or bent at any stage or is used in rough environments regularly, it could possibly be physical damage to your charge port or the internal components of your phone that is causing unsuccessful charging. 

To check for physical damage, shine a bright light around the charge port area to look for any signs such as cracks, dents or loose components. It is also important to check that when a charging cable is inserted into your phone the connection is a nice tight fit. If your charging cable can wobble and move around when plugged into your phone, this is a sure sign that there is possible damage within the charge port itself. 



If you are still having issues after trying these solutions, it is likely that there is a more serious issue with your charge port or the battery itself. Some more ways to determine which of these may be faulty would be to attach your phone to a wireless charger (if capable). If you phone begins to charge through wireless charging then this suggests that you most likely have a broken charge port which will need replacing. 

Here at DeXTech we do offer some technical repair services for issues such as this. If you want to learn more or are struggling to charge your phone, get in touch with our team and we would love to try and get you back up and running with a working phone! You can find our full list of services and parts here!



Here at DeXTech, we are here to help you with your technology requirements. We stock a wide range of Apple products, from the iPhone 4s all the way through to the iPhone XS, plus the iPad range. Along with this, we carry a huge range of Android smartphones and tablets, including Samsung, Pixel and LG. With these devices on hand we are able to offer technical support every step of the way from assisting to get your device setup to dealing with issues such as network issues or software troubleshooting. We have a helpful team who can lend a hand via our tech support email address: Do not hesitate to reach out!


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