Our Testing Process

Here at DeXTech, we put every single device we receive through a comprehensive 43-point testing process to ensure you, as our customer, receive your device exactly as described. In order for a device to be deemed fully functional, it must pass the entire testing process. This means every point tested must be functioning in its entirety, as it would be in a brand new phone. 


Following functionality testing, every device is also graded on its cosmetic appearance and conditioning. If the device is fully functional, it will be given a grading of either A, B or C. 

A Grade devices are in ‘like new’ condition with extremely little to no visible markings or blemishes. 

B Grade devices will show very minor signs of use (very light scratches), but these will be barely noticeable. 

C Grade devices will have one of three minor blemishes: scratching, minor screen burn, home- button scratching. None of these minor blemishes will affect use at all. 


All devices that are not fully functional are listed on our Trademe Store and are each individually described to match their condition. These devices are predominantly cheaper that our A, B or C graded models.