View our New Zealand real time online inventory here
View our Australia real time online inventory here
On our Online Inventory, you can view all of our Inventory that is ready to ship, incoming inventory, filtered inventory and also our standard wholesale pricing. 
You can also view what stock we have arriving soon, and the quantities that are still available. A large portion of our stock is sold before it arrives. If there's anything that you need from incoming stock, let us know as soon as possible, it may not be available by the time it arrives. 

Quality Control

Quality control is paramount to the success of DeXTech as a wholesaler. All of our devices go through extensive testing by our technician team to ensure that the stock you are receiving is exactly what you need. 



You can submit an RMA Request here. We accept RMAs for the following faults:
  • No power / DOA
  • Screen faults
  • Network lock
  • Physical buttons not working
  • Account lock (iCloud, Samsung, Gmail etc).

Payment Terms

All of our wholesale accounts are on Cash Terms standardly. We do offer a select number of clients payment terms however. If you'd like to apply for Payment Terms. 

Note the following requirements are needed to have a credit account. 

  1. Must be a Registered Company in Australia or New Zealand.
  2. Must have an annual revenue in excess of $2 Million NZD.