iPhone 8 Housing Replacement Including Installation

Premium Quality OEM housing with Camera Lens replacement for the Apple iPhone 8. This camera Lens is premium OEM quality and can bring new life to your device not only cosmetically, but rectifying any picture quality issues that may be lead from a cracked or dirty rear camera glass. This auction also includes the installation of the housing and the transfer of all internal parts in the device. 

Benefits of a new housing and rear camera lens:

- Brings out the phones original picture quality

- Replaces any cosmetic damage 

- Brings your photos back to life

- Brings your phone back to life with a like new condition finish

- Protects your camera from dust, dirt or specs of glass from a cracked lens

- Helps to hold the resale value of your device

This auction is for 1 x Premium Quality OEM Housing Replacement with Camera Lens for the Apple iPhone 8 including installation by one of our professionals in store! Upon winning this auction, you are welcome to either pop into store, or mail us your device for repair. 

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