iPhone X/XS Housing Replacement

Premium Quality OEM housing with Camera Lens replacement for the Apple iPhone X or XS. This camera Lens is premium OEM quality and can bring new life to your device not only cosmetically, but rectifying any picture quality issues that may be lead from a cracked or dirty rear camera glass.  

Benefits of a new housing and rear camera lens:

- Brings out the phones original picture quality

- Replaces any cosmetic damage 

- Brings your photos back to life

- Brings your phone back to life with a like new condition finish

- Protects your camera from dust, dirt or specs of glass from a cracked lens

- Helps to hold the resale value of your device

If you need a hand fitting the housing, we are happy to help out in our Henderson based store for a service fee. 

This auction is for 1 x Premium Quality OEM Housing Replacement with Camera Lens for the Apple iPhone X or XS. 

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If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!