May 16, 2023

With wireless earbuds, such as Apple EarPods or Samsung's Galaxy Buds, becoming ever popular, learning how to maintain them is an important step in ensuring their longevity. Even though they are small, wireless earbuds and their cases can sometimes be difficult to keep clean and free from lint and dirt. 

If you have noticed the sound quality of your earbuds deteriorating, becoming less clear or detailed, dirt could be the cause of this. Often the mesh coverings can get filled with grime and block up causing the sound quality to be not what you paid for! 

In this blog post we take a look at some simple steps to cleaning your wireless earbuds safely and easily. 


How to clean your wireless earbuds: 

1. Remove your earbuds from their case

First things first, it is important to have your earbuds out of their case (if they have one) and to remove the tips that protect the mesh and mould to your ears. If you have silicon earbud tips, wash them carefully in some warm soapy water away from the case and buds. 

Once these are clean, set them aside to dry and you want to avoid any moisture getting into the earbuds when you put the silicone ends back on. 


2. Clean the grill/mesh softly

If you have one, take a dry and clean toothbrush (or similar fine bristle brush) and gently brush the mesh or grill in a circular motion. If there is a build up of dirt or grime, you may need to take a Q-tip or toothpick and very carefully remove the grime that has built up. 

If the build up is not coming off, you can apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a Q-tip and gently rub it across the earbud. Be sure to only use a small amount and only wipe over it once or twice. This should be enough to dislodge the grime and make it easy to wipe away with a clean dry Q-tip! 


3. Clean the charging port/case

The charging case for your earbuds is just as important to keep clean as the earbuds themselves. Because this is where they live for most of their life, you want the case to be as spotless as possible if you want your earbuds to stay clean also. 

Cleaning the case is as easy as taking a toothpick or pin and carefully cleaning out the charging port (even better still using a can of compressed air), and then wiping down all the other surfaces using some rubbing alcohol. This will leave your case spotless and should reduce any chance of it not charging when you go to plug it in! 


4. Wipe everything with a microfibre cloth

Finally, before putting your earbuds back together and into the case, find a microfibre cloth and carefully wipe over all the surfaces. This will help to remove any excess moisture that is hanging around and leave your earbuds and their case looking cleaner than ever! 


With all of this complete, go ahead and put your earbuds back together and begin enjoying the crisp sound again! One important thing to remember is to never blow into your earbuds or case. As tempting as it may be to do so, human breath contains a lot of moisture that a can of compressed air doesn't. This can do more harm than good so it is important to remember to refrain from doing so if you can! 


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