October 06, 2022

Apple's latest iOS 16 software update was released in recent weeks. Within the new update are a myriad of different brand new features, as well as some old features that have been spruced up. 

Below we take a look at five features that have stood out amongst all the new an exciting changes included in iOS 16. 


1. Edit, Unsend & Unread Messages

When you download iOS 16 you will notice some major improvements to iMessage. One of the most significant changes is the ability to edit and unsound messages. The iOS 16 update allows you 15 minutes to edit a message and two minutes to unsend any messages. If you are one to make a spelling error or two, or even occasionally send the wrong message to the wrong contact, these new features will come in helpful! 

The new unread feature is useful to help you keep track of what messages you want to answer later. Simply select them as unread and leave them in your messages to look at another time. This feature will be useful for those who like to read messages as soon as they are sent, but can't always reply straight away.

It’s important to notice that the edit and unsend message features will need all devices (sending and receiving) to be running iOS 16, iPadOS 16, macOS 13 Ventura, or watchOS 9.



2. Live Text in Video

When iOS 15 was released, Live Text was already was a hit. You could grab information from a photo by selecting the text available - a telephone or address, for example.

Now, with iOS 16, Live Text is now also available in videos. The text is also completely interactive in paused video frames, so you can use functions like copy and paste, lookup, and translate instantly!

In addition, Live Text with iOS 16 adds recognition of Japanese, Korean, and Ukrainian text. Last but not least, data detected in photos and videos is actionable with a single tap. Track flights or shipments, translate foreign languages, convert currencies, and more. Live Text is expanding to be a very useful and well constructed tool that anyone can make a use for! 



3. Lock Screen Changes

One of the most noticeable features on iOS 16 is the new Lock Screen design. It offers a huge array of new customisation options, letting you edit the Lock Screen almost any way you want. This has long been a feature that users have been asking for so it is an exciting and welcome inclusion in this latest iOS 16 update!

The update makes it easy to customise the font, colour, or placement of elements on your Lock Screen by tapping them. With a multilayered photo effect, photo subjects are dynamically displayed in front of the time to make the subject of the photo stand out. You can choose to have multiple different lock screens set up which are easily switched between.

In addition, you can also add, for the first time, widgets to the Lock Screen in iOS 16 — and not only widgets made by Apple, but third-party widgets as well available through apps on the AppStore. 



4. Passkeys

Apple is hoping that their new Passkeys feature introduced in iOS 16 will work to replace passwords across all areas. The Passkeys system generates a unique key that can only be accessed with user authentication (Face ID or Touch ID). This prevents malicious websites from trying to steal your passwords since passkeys are securely stored in the iCloud Keychain and are not visible to the user.

It’s protected against phishing and website leaks due to the fact that passkeys never leave your device. They are also specific to the site you created them for, making it almost impossible for them to be hacked.

In addition, Passkeys syncs across devices and also lets you sign in to other devices. Apple says that it is trying to reach an industry standard so you can sign in to websites or apps on other devices, including non-Apple devices, with your saved passkey by scanning the QR code with your iPhone or iPad and using Face ID or Touch ID to authenticate. 



5. Duplicate Photo & Video Eliminator 

Maybe you've accidentally saved the same photo multiple times or downloaded a video more than once. This will obviously create duplicates, quickly cluttering up your photo album. It may not be a problem if you've got storage to spare, but you're running out of space, you can now remove every single duplicate easily with iOS 16.

In Photos > Albums, you should see a new Duplicates album under Utilities. Apple scans through all of your photos and shows you any photo or video you've saved more than once in that album. From there, you can either delete any duplicates, or simply press Merge, which will keep the photo with the highest quality (and relevant data) and then move the others to the trash.

Although it may be wise to go through each set of duplicates, ensuring that they're actually exact copies and not similar photos, you can also tap Select >Select All >Merge to remove every single photo and video that Apple thinks is a duplicate, all at once.

This feature on iOS 16 is an awesome tool to easily clear some space on your device and allow more photos, videos or other data to be saved. 



Overall, there are so many new features introduced in iOS 16. Here at DeXTech we highly recommend you update your devices regularly as updates become available. If you have any questions about iOS 16 or any other software related issues, get in touch with our team and we would love to help you out! 


Here at DeXTech, we are here to help you with your technology requirements. We stock a wide range of Apple products, from the iPhone 4s all the way through to the iPhone XS, plus the iPad range. Along with this, we carry a huge range of Android smartphones and tablets, including Samsung, Pixel and LG. With these devices on hand we are able to offer technical support every step of the way from assisting to get your device setup to dealing with issues such as network issues or software troubleshooting. We have a helpful team who can lend a hand via our tech support email address: support@dextech.co.nz. Do not hesitate to reach out!

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