February 22, 2022

With our phones being one of our most handled possessions throughout our daily lives, they can become traps for dust, bacteria and any other grime and dirt that your hands track onto it. Often we all resort to a quick wipe of the screen with our sleeve a few times a day. But, this will hardly cut it when it comes to keeping your phone clean, especially in today's age when personal hygiene is more essential than ever. 

If you take some extra time, you can keep your phone exceptionally clean with just a few basic steps. However, you can't clean your phone with just anything in the cupboard otherwise you run the risk of damaging your device. We take a look at the safest way to keep your phone clean below! 


1. Remove & clean your case

If you have one, the first thing to do is to remove your case and clean it. Your case will act as a trap for dust and dirt to get stuck against the body of your phone. Cases can become extremely dirty if not cleaned, which can potentially be a health risk to yourself. 

Luckily, cases are very easy to clean. Simply take a damp cloth and a small amount of detergent and carefully wipe around the inside and outside surfaces. Make sure you get into the hard spots like charging port and speaker covers - these spots often hold the most dust! Give your phone a blow if you can't get into those tricky spots to remove any debris that is stuck. A clean case will always help keep your phone clean!


2. Clean the hard-to-get-to spots

Dust and dirt particles always find their way into the most difficult and smallest spots. There are a few key areas that you will need to clean which include: 

- Charging port

- Speaker and microphone holes

- Earpiece speaker

- Silent switch toggle

The charging port can often become full of lint and dust without us realising. This can result in your phone charging intermittently or even not charging at all. To clean your charging port, simple take a small pin or toothpick and gently move it against the back of the port and then pull any debris out. Be sure to go slowly and not to apply too much force as this can damage the hardware inside the port. It is a fragile area which is a costly fix if damaged!

To clean the other difficult spots, take a soft toothbrush or toothpick and lightly rub over the areas to loosen up and remove dust and debris. Again, be careful not to apply too much pressure as this can damage the hardware of the phone. 


3. Clean the body of the phone 

Keeping the body of your phone clean is essential to avoiding any unwanted health hazards from living on your phone. Many phone screens have oleophobic coatings on them to help repel finger grease and oil. In order to preserve this coating it is important to take care when cleaning the body of your phone. Do not use any cleaning alcohol wipes on your phone - simply use water or some diluted disinfectant.

The best way to clean the body of your phone is to take a lint free cloth and dampen half of it. Use this damp side to gently wipe down the screen and back of your phone before using the dry side to remove any excess moisture that may be left. Make sure you dry across the camera lens to ensure a clear picture when taking photos following cleaning your device. 


Cleaning your phone is essential to preserving its lifespan and maintaining resale value by avoiding scratches from debris caught in between surfaces such as your case and phone. It only takes a few minutes, but it is well worth the effort in the long run! Take a moment today to clean your phone, especially in the midst of the pandemic we are living in! 


Here at DeXTech, we are here to help you with your technology requirements. We stock a wide range of Apple products, from the iPhone 4s all the way through to the iPhone XS, plus the iPad range. Along with this, we carry a huge range of Android smartphones and tablets, including Samsung, Pixel and LG. With these devices on hand we are able to offer technical support every step of the way from assisting to get your device setup to dealing with issues such as network issues or software troubleshooting. We have a helpful team who can lend a hand via our tech support email address: support@dextech.co.nz. Do not hesitate to reach out!

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