November 19, 2021

Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 still worth buying in 2021?

In 2017, Samsung launched its then flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8. Since that time, many things have changed in our world. From the way we meet to the way we connect, the world has progressed at rapid rates and taken some unseen turns. 

Similarly, smartphone technology has progressed significantly. But, has it progressed far enough to begin belittling slightly older model phones? 

Obviously, as each new model of a phone is released, it becomes faster and more powerful, but this fact hasn't changed since the first phone was ever released. In 2021, the biggest and latest features to boast in Samsung's latest Galaxy S21 range are HZ displays, excellent low-light cameras and extra long-life batteries. 

Compared to the Galaxy S8,  the Galaxy S21, S20 and even S10 is superior. However, how superior are they really? We compare models and take a closer look as to whether the cheaper option of the Galaxy S8 is still worth purchasing in 2021.


Display Comparison:

The Galaxy S8  has a 5.8 inch Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display with 570 pixels per inch (PPI). In comparison, the Galaxy S21 has a 6.2 inch Dynamic AMOLED display with 424 PPI. 

When you consider this fact, with the S8 being 0.4 inches smaller, you realise that the older model S8 actually has a more crisp and vibrant display, perfect for those who enjoy watching videos, movies and gaming. 

The S8 also was before the time of 'full screen' designed displays. But, when it was released, it was a revolutionary Samsung design as it had no side bezels and only a small top and bottom chin. It was labelled the 'Infinity Display' by Samsung and in comparison to the S21, the S8 display is well and truely still suitable for use in 2021. Some have called the S8 and S9 display panels one of the best of all time which they still testify to 4 years on.

Overall, the display of the S8 is still living up to the latest S21 device, even thought they do have some differences. For the huge difference in price, the display should not be a decisive factor in leaning towards purchasing the more expensive Galaxy S21. 


Processor & RAM Comparison:

The Galaxy S8 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835Octa-Core (2.3GHz Quad + 1.7GHz Quad), 64-bit, 10nm processor with a 4GB RAM. In comparison, the S21 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Octa-core, 64-bit, 5nm processor with a 8GB RAM. 

Even being a few generations older, the S8 is still an extremely quick and smooth operator that can process a huge amount of information at top speeds. Even though it is not as powerful as the S21 (or any of its other successors), the S8 still has enough processing power for your everyday needs to be fulfilled at eased. 

4GB RAM is half of the latest S21 RAM. But, in saying that, 4GM is plenty of RAM for a smartphone. 4GB is adequate for gaming and multitasking, or even running split-screen apps. 6GB and 8GB will obviously be better, but 4GB is suitable. 


Battery Life Comparison:

The Galaxy S8 has a 3000 mAh Li-ion battery. In comparison, the S21 is powered by a 4000 mAh Li-ion battery. 

The S8 is rated to have 20 hours talk time and 16 hours video playback time. Realistically, you shouldn't have a problem getting a full day's use out of the S8 battery with moderate general use. Many users speak highly about the battery life of the older S8 model so this should not be something to worry about unless you are looking for a super long-life battery. 

If this is the case, you may want to look to a larger battery, such as the S21. But, if you are just a normal average user, the S8 will be totally adequate and save you money. All battery use is subjective to individual users. 


Camera Comparison:

The Galaxy S8 has a 8MP front camera and 12MP dual pixel rear camera. In comparison, the S21 has 10MP front camera and triple rear camera featuring a 12MP main camera, 64MP telephoto camera, and 12MP ultra wide camera. 

When the S8 was released, it was known as having the best ever smartphone camera. Today, 4 years on, the Galaxy S8 camera is still a powerful and excellent camera. But, its successors have stepped up the camera design game which is one of the most rapidly developed areas in the smartphone world in the past few years. 

If you are looking for an ultra wide angle lens you will have to look at a newer model than the S8, with the S21 being the latest and most advance camera around. The S8 also does not have any dedicated night-mode features like the Galaxy S20 or S21 models which may be a downside if you are an avid photographer. 


Overall Comparison:

The S8 does miss out on some features that have become popular in the latest Galaxy models. There is no ultrasonic fingerprint sensor on the screen, instead you have to reach to the back of the phone which can sometimes be an awkward movement. You will also miss out on the full screen display available on the S10 and newer devices. 

However, the beautifully designed display, awesome battery life, solid build design and excellent processing power definitely makes the S8 worth buying and considering as your new phone in 2021. The latest models are fancier and do include some fantastic new features, but they do come at a much higher price tag. 

Here at DeXTech you can get your hands on Certified Pre-Owned Samsung Galaxy S8 from just $389! This is a much more cost effective purchase than the new Galaxy S21 which starts at $1,399. 



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